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SamesWe are expanding our services to better meet the needs of our clients and technology. Our offerings range from financial, tax and business strategies to help clients manage their financial affairs, cash flow planning, reviews of existing and / or new investment ownership, loan structures, superannuation planning, tax planning, wealth protection for family benefits and more.

Do you remember the first human to human heart transplant?

The first heart transplant made world news from South Africa in 1967. This medical breakthrough also saw another breakthrough in the world of insurance with the advent of what is now known as Trauma Insurance.
Due to the financial burden caused by the disruption to patients’ lives when having major surgery or suffering a major illness, it was designed to help cope with the financial issues associated with loss of work. This Trauma Insurance was designed to provide a continuity of income to cover the day to day costs of living.

Tax Tips & Topics for 2014 / 2015 Tax Year Ending 30th June 2015

  • Time the receipt of income and capital gains.
  • Prepare for your expenses early according to the rules.
  • Make use of the Business concessions and Buy/Sell benefits.
  • Super Contributions – tax deductible or Salary Sacrifice to Super maximum $35,000 if 49 years or OVER. It you are under 49 years the maximum is $30,000. Be careful as these totals include employer contribution and salary sacrifice to super!
  • Get other tax benefits from Non tax deductible super contributions maximum of $180,000 per year or 3 years brought forward if under 65 years of age.
  • Substantiate your tax deductions and travel claims with receipts and diary records of work-related use of electronic devices and other work usage items e.g. car mileage, fuel etc.
  • This is becoming more and more important with the Australian Tax Office.
  • Make use of past capital losses prior to 30th June 2015 as they are not indexed with inflation and are reducing in value over time.