“Take Me Out In A Box”!

We regularly sit down with clients and ask the question as to whether they have an Accommodation Plan in place in the event that they require care in their Golden Years. The answer more often than not is this… “I will remain in my home and they can carry me out in a box”! More often than not however, it is the case of “being carried out on an Ambulance stretcher”. It is then off to hospital, possibly rehab and then the likely case of requiring Permanent Residential Aged Care, wherever a vacancy may lie. This could be miles away from the primary residence and the remaining spouse/partner. This scenario of being underprepared causes panic and a sense of urgency for the resident, their partner and family. Financially, being ill prepared and uninformed can also lead to paying a higher rate for care, both initially and on an ongoing basis.


Effective planning can give you more choices, greater control and an improved financial position: