We aim to establish trusting, on-going professional relationships with our clients that address the complete nature of their financial needs—whether a specific service of ours is emphasised at any one time or not.

Expertise in precise, discrete areas means we can offer modular, individualised solutions that fit into an overall holistic frame. Effective tactics come out of a clear strategy, and vice versa. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

We are thorough in collating all the requisite information about your current situation, your needs and aspirations, and your financial profile (What are your short-term goals? Longer-term objectives? What is your attitude to risk?)

Most importantly, we listen, and work with you as colleagues. We strive to understand and to put ourselves in your shoes when contemplating the most desirable options.

The best direction is based on strong interactive relationships. We present our fully documented recommendations in close personal consultation with you, and are always happy to explain and educate.

Our business is your financial peace of mind.

“I came in for the first appointment thinking that my retirement situation was prickly and different from most other people’s. The IF Group quickly demonstrated that my predicament was far from unusual. What’s more, it wasn’t the crisis I was afraid it was. That was a huge relief. I’m looking forward to the next ten years now. And beyond.”

If you would like to meet with our financial planning and accounting professionals in person then you should drop into one of our offices in Frankston or Brighton or contact us through our contact page here.

The IF Group aim to establish and strong, trusting and on-going professional relationship with their clients.