The IF Group now offer comprehensive financial aging support services. Plan your retirement or help an aging family member plan for their future.

Due to increased demand from clients and family members of clients, we have now launched this more comprehensive ageing support service package to help families manage loved ones needing to move, whether it be into respite care or to downsize from their long term home. This situation is often precipitated by the approaching of the long school summer holidays and Christmas. An example of how this is affecting our society is the high number of patients who elect to have surgery before Christmas so they can be in hospital and not on their own, at that lonely time of the year, Christmas.


A sweet and happy story of good preparation for families facing decisions on Aging with Dignity is that of Wilma who is 99 years of age. Due to family absences she was placed in a respite facility. Upon the return of her family members she went back to her own home. She had had such a nice time in the respite facility and made so many new friends that she decided that she wanted to return to the facility full time. She so enjoyed her new friends and social activities that it wasn’t a hard decision to make; in fact she took up one of these new activities which she now loves so much.

We would be happy to meet with you for an initial no obligation complimentary meeting to discuss how we can help you or a loved one. Effective planning can provide one with more choices, greater control and an improved financial position. Aged care is a complex and often bewildering aspect with which to deal and should only be tackled with professional assistance.

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Preparing Financially for Aged Care


Aged care is increasingly becoming a concern for older Australians and their families.  Already more than one million Australians access aged care services across home services and residential care.  With an ageing population, these numbers are set to increase to 3.5 million by 2050.

The significant wave of Baby Boomers entering retirement is a demographic trend that cannot be ignored. When an aged care need arises, clients and families are often in crisis dealing with a lot of emotions, life pressures and potential conflict. They may be faced with making quick decisions in a period of high stress, particularly if forward planning has been inadequate.  This adds to family tensions and may result in ill-informed decisions.

Check out the video below to hear our CEO, Deborah Rognlien, discuss the best ways to approach planning for your ageing loved ones.

How we can help

Our advice is about guidance, objectivity and expertise. This extends far beyond just reviewing finances and looking for strategies that improve age pension and minimise aged care fees. Financial benefits that can be achieved are just added bonuses. We can provide strategic guidance and to act as an objective facilitator of family meetings. We can take clients through their options so that they and their families can make informed decisions.