The IF Group provide a comprehensive range of business services from accounting and finance to superannuation and loans.

The IF Group provides a comprehensive range of financial services to meet the needs of businesses and social organizations of all kinds. We provide a range of financial and accounting services tailored to your specific business goal.

Our aim is to help you with your business today, and to assist in your strategic planning and preparedness for what your business will need in the future—where you want it to go. We will work closely with you to get you there.

Future Vision

Where is your business headed? Is it developing as you want it to? The IF Group takes special pride in how we work in partnership with our business clients to shape their financial profile to their business culture and long range planning goals.

Accounting & Tax

If tax effectiveness is important for individuals and families, it’s absolutely vital for any kind of business enterprise. There are serious legal ramifications for mistakes, and there can be great opportunities to access and develop if your accounting is well managed and your cash flow remains strong. We have the experience. We have the answers.

Property & Investments

Property offers one of the most available, and reliable forms of investment. We can advise and assist on all aspects, from a business point of view.


Employers today must offer superannuation advice and programs that meet a very high standard. It’s one of the key things people examine in making a decision about taking a job. Our expert knowledge will ensure that what your business has to offer is best practice, for the needs of your business, and for your people.

Salary Packaging

Australian salary packaging options offer the basis of a solid and sustainable savings program, and a crucial means of managing the personal tax situation for business owners and management. They also provide attractive incentives and support for employees and staff. Retaining talented and dedicated people has a great deal to do with the flexibility employers can deliver.


As a full service provider, we want to be sure we offer clients the facility of loans, tailored to your needs. Speak to one of our Financial Colleagues.