The IF Group is a convergence of highly skilled and experienced accountants, tax consultants, investment analysts, and business advisers that has been building and growing together over many years.

Our commitment is to providing an exceptional level of personalised financial service for both individuals and business clients, which matches our level of financial expertise.

We accomplish this through a proprietary process of consultation, analysis, strategic execution, and systematic review. We refer to our key specialist personnel as Financial Colleagues, because this title captures the collaborative, mentoring spirit of our approach. We are not just a financial planners, we are a full service financial advice company, from accounting and tax to loans and investment advice.

Our goal is not merely to process tax returns advantageously for clients, or to offer the soundest possible investment recommendations. This is only a part of our work. Our main reason for being in business is to customise best practice financial management insights, tools, and techniques to our clients’ specific needs and objectives.

Some of what we do is good old-fashion common sense (which as we all know, isn’t so common). Other aspects are based on distinctive innovations that we are very proud of. In the world of financial matters, nothing is static. Leading professionals must constantly stay in touch with changes, in order to keep their clients ahead.

What we seek to ensure with our emphasis on collaborative interaction, is that we continuously understand more fully our clients’ overall requirements, problems, opportunities—and yes, dreams. As hard-headed financial professionals, we have no problem talking about dreams, whether we are working with individuals, families, small businesses, or corporations. You can’t dismiss or ignore the emotional / psychological nature of life, and therefore financial matters. That is the real bottom line.

What’s different about The IF Group is that we help make our clients at all levels more financially fluent, and therefore more confident. It’s often said that professional service companies don’t make things. We don’t believe that. We are very much in the business of making things. What we create is client satisfaction and assurance. We do this in the traditional spirit of partnership, and through highly practical new disciplines of consultation that are unique to us.

Our focus areas include:

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