The IF Group offers a full suite of Accounting services for both business and personal needs.

The IF Group offers a full suite of accountancy services to meet both personal and professional needs. These services can be seamlessly integrated into our offerings in financial planning and investment advice, or can be accessed individually, as you require. Come into one of our offices in Frankston or Brighton and get your free initial consultation today.

Our core accounting services: personal taxation, business bookkeeping, small business accounting, general business management and self managed super funds.

For individuals, our experienced accountants can assist you in gaining the strongest possible tax return whilst working in tandem with our financial advisers to assist you in creating a smart and secure financial future.

For businesses, The IF Group can plan your company tax, advise you on superannuation obligations, prepare monthly accounts and reports plus a range of other crucial services. Our trusted accountants can work in tandem with business strategists and financial advisers to help increase the value of your business with appropriate business structures, the preparation of transition and succession plans and assisting with capital and finance applications.

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Tax Returns

It’s almost that time of year again, and our expert accounting team here at The IF Group can help you with all things tax-related. Whether you need help with personal taxation or business bookkeeping, we want to help you maximise your refund and make the most your situation. Our experienced accounts, in Frankston and Brighton, can help you with personal tax returns right up to small-medium business tax returns. So come in and talk to one of our tax accounting professionals to find out how we can help you get the most out of your tax return this year!

Do I need to hire an accountant?

Some people have very simple financial situations, meaning, they do not need the services of an accountant come tax time. However, once your situation becomes more complex it can be very beneficial to get your own accountant. Professional Accountants can not only sort through your messy financial situation but they are able to make use of exemptions and deductions that you may otherwise have not known you were eligible for. Often big life events such as having a child, getting married or buying a home are major reasons for people seeking the services of an accountant, especially since these life events can leave your very time-poor.

When do I need an accountant for my business?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a very DIY attitude toward all aspects of their business, especially if the company is in its infancy where saving on costs is generally the number one priority. However, the services of a professional accountant don’t just have to be for your tax return, they can help develop business plans, give you tailored loan advice and help with loan applications, government audits, company legal structures or even investment advice. Many business owners may think that they can just take care of these things themselves, but as the business grows the complexity of their financial situation grows as well. All of a sudden you can find yourself spending days or even weeks just trying to get all the documents and paperwork that you need to do your taxes. This wasted time is costly to your business, and the wasted hours just keep stacking up. Using the services of a professional accountant will generally cost less per hour than you would be wasting by doing everything yourself, and you get the peace of mind knowing that an expert is taking care of everything.

So whether you are getting overwhelmed with your business taxes or you just want the advice of a professional who can guide you with your business plan, give you advice on your company’s legal structure or sort out potential business investments, hiring an accountant can save your business money and open the door growing your business even further.

If you think it’s time to get help with your taxes or you want to help future-proof your business then contact The IF Group here or visit our accountants in Frankston or Brighton for a face to face meeting with our experienced professionals.