Special Disability Trusts to help loved ones

There comes a time when we all look towards the future. For families supporting a loved one with disability, the thought is sometimes dreaded. As the thought that they won’t always be around to care for their much loved children it becomes a hard process of wondering ‘What will we do?’ However, there may be ways to help secure their financial future. Through a Special Disability Trust a family is able to set up a trust that will provide ongoing benefits.

The benefits of these Special Disability Trusts go beyond that of a regular trust or family trust. The main purpose of the trust is to pay for items relating to the care and accommodation of the beneficiary, with provision for some discretionary spending.

Families supporting a loved one with disability may find that such a system may just be what works. It may be the stress of not knowing who will care for, or where they will reside after when you can no longer give them that support. The peace of mind associated with a special disability trust can take a world of weight off those shoulders.While the thought of starting a trust may be daunting, it’s never too early to start the planning process to help provide ongoing support and care for the ones we love so dearly.