Micro – Globalism is causing huge change, will your business be ready?

Micro – Globalism has and is occurring rapidly with the profound shift in business views about the geographic reallocation of labour. The message to Australian business is change your model early or suffer the consequences.

Small business in Australia employs up to 70% of the work force. The future prediction is that those businesses with five or less staff will be agile, and able to make change quickly and survive. The early adopters for change will benefit from such as the wave of change continues. Small business can save on time, energy and labour costs with regular upgrades of computer hardware and software to save on labour costs and enhance profit. The addition of one or two equivalent staff based off shore to gain cost savings and profit may offer additional opportunity for upskilling to benefit the business.

Manufacturing in specialised niche markets in Australia can still be profitable with clever use of intellectual property and a quality product. A unique market position and well targeted marketing can offer a do or die competitive advantage.

Whatever size business operation you may be involved in, change is happening. A fight back now with change itself is the best ammunition. This could bring rewards for those who are brave enough to change fast and show initiative to take the steps to do so.