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Tax Newsflash

Changes by the ATO affecting the 2016 Individual Tax Return: New reporting rules for claiming new tax discount for individuals with income as sole traders, partners & beneficiaries New guidelines for claims for mobile/home phones, internet and electronic devices New ruling for landlords of units, flats, apartments claiming deductions for common property but crackdown on repairs & interest claims New rules streamlining car expense claims methods New reforms limit claims for key offsets – dependant spouse, zone and medical expenses Crackdown on work related and self-education claims Other changes relating to residency, dependant & invalid carer tax offset and Medicare levy concessions & exemptions


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The Economy & Investment Outlook Whilst investment markets in the short and even medium term tend to dance to the tune of factors prompted by evolving, often sensational, headlines reflecting a wide range of events of a political and economic nature, the longer term trends and developments ultimately determine their behaviour.