Welcome, Bryan Payne Accounting!

We are please to announce that The Intelligent Financial Accountants Pty Ltd as of April 26, 2018, has acquired the Bryan Payne Accounting Group.  Bryan Payne has been appointed the Mayor of the Mornington Peninsula and is shouldering the heavy work load for that position.  We wish him well in this important position in the fast-growing community of the Mornington Peninsula.

To all of Bryan’s clients we would like to say ….Welcome!  We hope to touch base with you all as soon as possible to introduce ourselves and the services of The IF Group.  It is our aim to continue to offer you personalized service to suit your specific needs.

We offer all clients and residents of Sorrento and the Mornington Peninsula a complimentary visit and cuppa in Sorrento or our Frankston office. (by appointment only basis please).

Please call 1300 655 096 to make an appointment, we look forward to meeting you.