Are you trying to navigate the complexities of Residential Aged Care?


When a family faces placing their loved ones into Aged Care, it can be extremely traumatic. Families are often in crisis because they are dealing with a lot of emotion, possible conflict together with the everyday pressures of life. They may be faced with making quick decisions during a period of high stress which is only increased if there has been no planning. This may add to family tension & may result in ill-informed decisions.


Our personal independent advice is about guidance, objectivity and expertise. We act as the “Manager” of the total Aged Care financial process, providing advice and support throughout each stage, including outlining options as the basis for informed decisions to be made.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing and visiting prospective Aged Care Facilities based on desired location, level of care, services required, any religious affiliation, desired price range AND MORE…
  • Reviewing a client’s Financial Position and Cash Flow
  • Reviewing options for Retention or Sale of the Family Home, prior to any action
  • Negotiating the initial Accommodation Payment with the Aged Care Facility
  • Providing Financial Strategies to improve outcomes, e.g.:

– Reducing the initial accomodation payment

– Minimising Ongoing Fees

– Maximising Centrelink/DVA entitlements

– Maximising Financial Position and Cash Flow

  • Assessing how best to structure the initial Accommodation Payment, i.e.:
  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or a combination
  • Reviewing the Aged Care Contract, in conjunction with a specialist Solicitor
  • Updating and liaising with Centrelink and/or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Reviewing a client’s Estate Planning in line with any recent changes
  • Reviewing Ongoing Aged Care Fees and Centrelink entitlements on a regular basis

We would be happy to meet with you for an initial no obligation complimentary meeting to discuss how we can help you or a loved one. Aged care is a complex and often bewildering aspect with which to deal and should only be tackled with professional assistance.