Winter 2020 Update

Deborah Rognlien from the IF Group

Winter 2020 Update

Dear IF Group Clients,

All of us at The IF Group have had cause to think about our changed situation brought about by the Corona virus and the plight of Australia and the world over the past few weeks.

We would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge the stress and difficulties confronting all of us and the commitment and endeavour by all to get us safely to the end of this unprecedented and rapidly changing time.

This has been a challenging period for all of us in many different ways, as we attempt to find the best way to navigate the way forward. The uncertainties are many, including for business, for our families, for our health and wellbeing and the world at large! Uncertainty can often bring anxiety and worry, and these stresses can affect us in different ways! …..we all have varied ability and ways of dealing with this. Please rest assured that you are not facing this alone! We would like to reach out to you and together we will work to get through this difficult time and find solutions to look after the future …..there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Please contact us either by email or call for a chat to find out what support or opportunities are available to you and your circumstances.

Due to the Governments COVID-19 guidelines on self-isolating we are all working from home at the moment so communication may be a little compromised and our “urgent” workload has increased significantly, so please understand that we will do the best we can to deal with everyone as soon as possible.


Please look after yourselves and stay safe!

Kind regards,
Deborah Rognlien (CEO) The IF Group.