Looking at the World in Perspective

‘Looking at the World in Perspective’

Welcome to the new Financial Year, a new way of looking at the world, a newer way of doing business, a new way of looking after ourselves and fellow citizens!

Resilience is what Australians and Australian Businesses are good at. Our business of looking after you our clients has required a fine tuning of our IT skills to match and improve our services without access to the real face to face option. However, we will still provide a five day a week service with prescheduled phone appointments, email, hard copy post.

This forced change and update of skills can only help us all to be more efficient, leaner, and innovative and allow for quick growth. We are all witnessing this now.

IFG can provide support and solutions to young homeowners and new business start-ups alike. You do not know what you do not know! ….. Get in touch.

The graph here titled ‘Australian Shares and the Wall of Worry’ by Dr.Shane Oliver, shows how COVID-19 has affected the Australian share market in comparison to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and previous Wars over more than 100 years.

Graph of Australian shares over time

Source: Dr Shane Oliver

Once there is a resolution to COVID-19 such as a Vaccine or any other method there is likely to be a surge in activity that kick starts the economy. This surge could bring us back better than we were!

Australia punches above its weight in Biotech companies, especially in Victoria. A Biotech company uses live organisms or their products, such as bacteria or enzymes, to manufacture drugs, which includes Vaccines. Do not be surprised if Australia is very much a part of the worldwide COVID-19 solution. Australian research and Vaccine development are happening as we speak.

We trust you are using this time to review your personal priorities, tighten your belt, put aside spare cash, (given your restrictions on spending), study, and learn new skills online, whilst also taking time for family and health and wellbeing. In this way you will be more than ready for the COVID-19 solution when it arrives.

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