Assistance to Manage Regular Payments of Your Bills


Are you having trouble managing the regular payment of your bills and expenses as they fall due? We can help! We can offer a regular bill paying service, either via your bank account or Centrelink/DVA, where regular instalments can be paid directly to various service providers to cover your ongoing expenses for items such as;

  • Utilities – Rates, Water, Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications,
  • Travel and transport – Car, Motorbike, Caravan and Boat registration
  • Accommodation related costs, such as Rent, Mortgage repayments, Retirement Village fees and Nursing Home charges.
  • Education and Employment – Child Care services, Education Expenses and Employment Expenses, such as uniforms, training software, etc.
  • Health – Funeral expenses, Ambulance cover, Medical services such as Consultations, Medications, Hospital costs, Rehabilitation, Disability and Community Services
  • Social and Recreational – Fees for Sporting and Musical activities, Church Donations, and Sponsorships
  • Finance – Insurance premiums for House, Contents, Vehicle, Boat, Caravan and Private Health.
  • Legal and Professional services – Court fi nes and infringements, Professional services such as Legal, Accounting and Financial Planning.

These payments are deducted from your fortnightly pension or allowance and then the balance is paid into your bank account. We invite you into the office to discuss this with you further where we can setup this deduction system on your behalf.